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Retirement 101

No Cost Online

Tax Efficient in Retirement Class

Tuesday OR Thursday at 11:30am OR 6:30pm

What You Will Learn:

What You Will Learn:

  • How to Achieve the "Zero" Tax Bracket while in Retirement
  • Income Strategies for Retirement (which bucket to pull from first)
  • Social Security tax efficient strategies
  • Investment Strategies to optimize return while lowering risk
  • Case studies

This Class is for you if...

  • You are concerned about running out of money in retirement and you need strategies that can provide predictable and reliable income streams
  • You want to maintain a similar or better lifestyle in retirement and are looking for ideas on how to do that with the assets you have
  • You want to make sure your loved ones have appropriate insurance coverage that can help them manage the unexpected
  • You care about being strategic with you money and making plans that are tax-efficient


Complimentary Retirement Kit

Register for the class and get the entire Tax-Free Retirement Kit for no cost!

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Hosted by David Bezar, an Investment Advisor Representative for Thrive Financial Services. This course is held all around the country but is not affiliated with any of these locations.